Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is a quick, safe and common surgical procedure that’s performed all over the world for women wanting to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Once a woman has decided to have a surgical abortion she will need to make a booking at either our Brisbane Clinic or Gold Coast Clinic.

How Surgical Abortions work

During the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy a surgical abortion can be conducted by a method called ‘vacuum aspiration’ under a general anaesthetic (where the patient is unconscious) or under sedation.

With vacuum aspiration, the cervix (opening to the uterus) is gradually opened, and the pregnancy is then removed through a small tube using suction.

The abortion is performed in our day surgery clinic and the entire procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. The operating doctor will then inspect the removed tissue and verify that the surgery was successful.

Are there any risks?

There are some minor risks, which can be managed at our facility:

  • retained blood clots
  • perforated uterus
  • infection

The surgical abortion success rate is 99%. During and after the procedure, our supportive staff will make sure you’re kept comfortable and pain free. You’ll be observed in the recovery area of our day clinic for approximately one hour after your procedure is complete and then discharged once you’re fully alert.

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