Options Abortion Clinic in Brisbane

Spring Hill Clinic on Wickham Terrace

Options Abortion Clinic Brisbane

Situated on Wickham Terrace, approximately midway between St Andrews Hospital and Brisbane Private Hospital, Spring Hill Clinic is located in the most prestigious medical area of Brisbane.

The Doctors and Nursing Staff have been together as a team for well over a decade, and are arguably the most experienced team in the field of terminating first trimester pregnancy anywhere in Queensland. Our experienced team are able to provide both medical abortions (abortion pill), surgical abortions, as well as contraception and sexual health information.

As a Licensed Day Hospital we are accredited under the same strict guidelines that are laid down by the Hospitals Association in the State of Queensland. Hence every instrument is sterilised according to strict Hospital protocols to protect you from infection. Every record is protected under strict privacy rules.

Every Medical and Administrative action is scrutinised to ensure that these best practices are maintained and, furthermore, being licensed means that we can offer you a full range of anaesthetic services and also ensures we carry a full range of emergency equipment.

Over 90% of our patients are referred to us from other Doctors or from friends and family. In other words we are trusted by our colleagues and by our past patients as we have an enviable safety record and a reputation for excellent medical and emotional care.

Clinic Operating Hours

Options Abortion Clinic in Brisbane is open 6 days per week from Monday to Saturday, however we only perform surgery on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • Consultation Days: Monday - Saturday
  • Operating Days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
  • Opening Hours: 8am to 5pm

Our Location

If you are arriving by bus or train, our clinic in Spring Hill is conveniently located just a short stroll through the Roma Street Parklands, from the Roma Street Transit Centre. Alternatively you can walk from the CBD in a few minutes. Wickham Terrace also boasts many cafes and coffee shops for waiting relatives and friends - and there are several motels and hotels if you plan to stay in the area.


There is no onsite parking at the Clinic in Brisbane. However, there are numerous public carparks nearby if you are travelling by car in the adjacent streets and several public car parks are available at the Hospitals or specialist centres along Wickham Terrace. There is also a nearby car park at the Grand Chancellor Hotel.

You do not need a referral to attend the Clinic and bookings can be made by phoning 07 3831 8300 or FREECALL 1800 626 533.

Please download our online brochure, read about our services, or go to the appointment information page for further advice on how to prepare for your appointment and what you can expect during your visit.